Your partner for realizing heat exchanger projects


Solutions for heat exchanger manufacturers

Our engineers provide software for heat exchanger design and configuration.


Integration of your heat exchangers in common ERP-systems

We integrate our software with your heat exchanger for sales, manufacturing and after-sales service.

Thermohydraulische Modellbildung

Thermohydraulic modelling of heat exchangers

We develop thermohydraulic models for your heat exchanger based on the most current scientific findings.


Heat exchanger monitoring and operation optimization.

We assess your heat-exchanger performance during operation with non-invasive mobile measurements and work out optimzation schedules for enhanced performance.


heat exchanger manufacturer

Services for heat exchanger manufacturers

heat exchanger types

heat exchanger types

  • frame & plate
  • plate & shell
  • tube & fin
  • finned tube
  • bloc
  • special types

heat exchange process

heat exchange process

  • heating and cooling of liquids
  • partial or full condensation
  • dry and flooded evaporation

assembly mapping and description

assembly mapping and description

  • generation of parts lists
  • drawing sets
  • test procedures

sales and distribution

sales and distribution

  • offers
  • management of documents
  • price generation
  • technical alternatives
  • ERP integration

heat exchanger operators

Services for heat exchanger operators

non-intrusive heatexchanger monitoring

non-intrusive heatexchanger monitoring

  • fluid-flow measurement
  • temperature measurement
  • pressure measurement

heat exchanger performance optimization

heat exchanger performance optimization

  • pinch analysis
  • pressure-drop analysis
  • thermal stress analysis
  • control circiut optimization



  • for initial purchases
  • for reconditioning

performance forecast

performance forecast

  • for a change in media
  • for a change in process parameters
  • for a change in geometries


Heat exchanger manufacturers

Heat exchanger operators

Research Cooperation

Publications & Conferences


Adakom was founded on the idea to develop comprehensive sizing solutions of technical apparatus.


Comprehensive Heat Exchanger Solutions

Rapid and accurate heat exchanger design

effective configuration of heat exchangers for your individual thermo-hydraulic processes

work-flow efficiency in production and distribution of heat exchangers

heat exchanger optimization


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