We understand your technical requirements for heat exchangers.

Icon Auslegungssoftware
Individually fitted software for manufacturers

We deliver you software for the design and configuration for various heat exchanger types.

Icon Interfaces

We provide interfaces via REST API for your internal and external services in order to optimize, configure and calculate your heat exchanger.

Icon Modellbildung
Thermohydraulic modelbuilding

We develop models to simulate the thermodynamic and hydraulics of your heat exchangers according to the latest scientific findings.

Icon Konfiguration
Online configuration

Based on your product data we can configure your heat exchanger online.

Together we analyze the efficiency of your heat exchangers

Icon Vermessung
Measurement and Optimization

We calculate the target condition of the heat exchanger in operation and simulate different load cases. We use this to make predictions about the operating condition and fouling state so that you can take measures at the right time.

Icon Energieeffizienz
Energy Efficency

We consider the energy-efficient and smart heat exchanger as the future and analyze savings potentials together with you.

Icon Nachrechnung

We calculate the steady and current state of your heat exchangers.

The experts at Adakom continuously extend their portfolio in the area of technical solutions for heat exchangers through the development of thermic models, customized configurators and services.


  • 1998
    Founding of the Adakom GbmH by Volker Brand and a team of engineers
  • 2002
    First tool for integration with a CRM/ERP System
  • 2004
    Development of a two-phase module
  • 2005
    Target value process for heat exchanger optimization in a cell-model
  • 2007
    First accompaniment of measurements of heat exchangers
  • 2014
    Measurement of heat exchangers in a plant operation
  • 2017
    Start of a project for mobile measurement of heat exchangers in collaboration with the TU and PTB
  • 2018
    Expansion of the team to strengthen the projects on the integration of the heat exchangers
  • 2019
    API development for web interpretation
  • 2021
    Anja Stipp-George and Volker Brandt lead the Adakom GmbH into the future

Sizing and configruation of

  • 1998
    Brazed and tube bundle heat exchanger
  • 2002
    Gasket plate heat exchanger
  • 2007
    Plate and shell heat exchanger
  • 2010
    Tube and fin as well as finned tube heat exchanger
  • 2012
    Hybrid cross-flow heat exchanger
  • 2014
    Fully welded heat exchanger with fully customizable flow schemes
  • 2015
    Additional tube and fin as well as finned tube heat exchanger
  • 2017
    Compact tube-fin heat exchanger
  • 2019
    Transformer cooling system
  • 2020
    Double tube safety system

Companies we have worked

Companies we provided configurators
Companies we provided technical support
Wild Flavours
BLB Brandenburg
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TU Berlin
HTW Berlin
Publications of our experts
Heat Pump Conf
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We are looking for

We have exciting projects in a growing company with work-life balance culture. We look forward to you. Please send your application to: jobs@adakom.de.