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Services to sell and configurate customer specific heat exchanger.

Our service selects the optimized heat exchanger plate pack with the appropriate process and boundary conditions.

  • Brazed and gasketed plate heat exchanger
  • Choice between single phase, condensation, evaporation
  • Proven algorithms for thermal calculation
  • List of suitable heat exchanger types can be filtered
  • Compare product details from 2 heat exchanger plates
  • Integrate service in your webshop or customer system
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Our service fits the measured results to your calculation prediction.

  • Measurements from customer or lab differ from prediction results of your solution
  • Support to integrate new heat exchanger products in your solution by calibration service
  • Extend your solution for new application with a new thermal solution
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Our service measures mobile, noninvasive thermal energy and deliver hydraulic balancing and heat exchanger optimization.

  • a mobile measurement method for recording the real operating data of heat exchangers and heat exchanger systems
  • conclusions for possible optimization of the system and develop adjustment strategies
  • combination of heat exchanger simulation and design expertise.
  • Read more in our white paper

Our service offer can be customized to your heat exchanger topics.

  • Do you need an integration to engineering systems for your products?
  • Do you need the configuration by construction parameters?
  • Do you want to extend your market for new applications?
  • Do you need support to integrate new products?
  • Do you want to add web api to your existing solution?
  • Do you need design code specific features?


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