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Services to sell and configurate customer specific heat exchanger.

Deployed in 2022

Calculate Plate package

Single phase, evaporation, condensation, different media.

Secondary processes

GUI enhancement to integrate subcooling superheating and desuperheating for condensing and evaporation processes.

Managing default values for different applications

Different applications are used with different process values und construction restrictions. Setup default process and required construction settings for your products and application requirements.

2022 in progress

Entering geometric plate data and plate package settings

This feature enables you to add and modify your plates and plate pack design rules. You can calculate your own plates within our thermodynamical algorithm.

Design flow diagram for plate package: configuration.

Easy 3D drawing as flow diagram including head and fix plate connections pass configuration. The flow diagram can be used for maintenance business and product setup and documentation.

Dashboard for the Condition evaluation of heat exchangers

With input of your measurement data we can calculate für your important key figures to the condition of your heat exchanger

Register your heat exchangers configuration data. Enter the current process measured data. The service will give you the heat exchanger condition information to optimize energy consumption cleaning information.

Services for product and pricing maintenance

Product components can be changed easily within our administration tool as prices as well.

Add and modify your product data, calculation fittings und pricing information via API.


All notable changes to the REST API will be documented on this page.

[10.98.4] - 2022-01-18


  • Add first service for optimized heat exchanger plate pack.